Celebrate Your Retirement With A Tropical-Themed Event

If you want to host a tropical-themed event to celebrate your retirement, alcohol, food, furnishings, decorations, and activities, need to be purchased and prepared beforehand. Get ready for the impending gala with the following directives. 

Purchase Alcohol And Create A Tiki Bar

Fruity cocktails or exotic smoothies will entice your guests and may make them feel as if they have traveled to an exotic destination. If you do not know what types of alcohol to purchase or haven't completed a mixology course, heading to a liquor store and requesting assistance from an employee will be helpful.

A sales clerk can recommend some alcohol varieties that are popular, and that won't break the bank if you are on a tight budget. Learn how to mix drinks with precision by purchasing a mixology book. Choose a few beverages from the book that you would like to serve during the party.

Prepare a tiki bar by placing a portable bar and stools outdoors on a patio or deck. Hang a sign from the front of the bar that lists the beverage varieties that you are offering. Purchase disposable cups and bagged ice to use while serving your guests. 

Prepare A Dining Area And Adorn Tables With Tropical Decor

Plastic tables and chairs can be set up near the tiki bar. The dining area should be covered with a canopy or tarp so that guests can continue eating or relaxing if it unexpectedly rains on the day of the party. Play some beach music on a stereo to lift everyone's spirits. Serve common food items that are found at the beach, including clams, mussels, shrimp salad, and lobster bisque.

Add some festive decor to the dining area as well. Potted palm trees or bamboo shoots can be placed in the corners of the dining area. Make some homemade centerpieces by filling glass bowls with colorful shells. 

Choose Activities

Beach volleyball and hula dancing sessions are two activities that you and your guests may enjoy. To recreate a beach scene, lay a tarp across a flat part of your yard. Purchase bags of sand from a landscaping supplier. Pour the sand onto the tarp and spread the granules out so that a thin, even layer of sand is coating the tarp. Erect the volleyball net on top of the sand-covered tarp.

For the hula dancing, purchase some hula skirts and leis that contain artificial foliage. Purchase an instructional DVD that demonstrates basic hula dancing moves. Watch the DVD so that you can learn how to perform various dances.

On the day of the party, ask everyone if they would like to participate in hula lessons. If so, line everyone up and offer them a skirt and lei. After you and your guests are donning your gear, stand in front of everyone and begin dancing. Ask everyone to follow along with you. 

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